Our History

A Century of Excellence

McVehil Plumbing was founded in Washington, Pa., in 1909 by Earl McVehil. When a company’s history dates back to dirt roads and horse-drawn wagons, you are certain to find the take-on-the-world strength of a founder who was too young to see how many obstacles stood in his way. McVehil rose above those obstacles, and ignoring the threat of potential failure, built a legacy that would last through centuries to come.

When McVehil started doing business in this city, many of the homes you see here today were not yet built. We picked up our materials at the local train station and were the only supply house for the industry from here to Pittsburgh. Homes and commercial buildings in Washington were heated by steam, which was piped under the streets through wooden mains to individual buildings.

The scent of oil-soaked oak tables and freshly cut steel pipe were in the air, all of which is still in use today.  There were no such things as air conditioners, plastic pipe, electric pipe threaders or forced-air heating and ventilation.

But times were changing. Technology in the industry was advancing, and so was McVehil, incorporating cutting-edge techniques into its business. Because McVehil was abreast in these advancements, it was the first company to install modern heating systems in the city of Washington.

With the invention of Freon in 1928 came the birth of modern forced air-conditioning systems. McVehil added this along with sheet metal work to its array of services.

Later plastic pipe was invented, totally changing the way our industry works. But only the material changed, not the concepts. Ultra-boilers, heat pumps, radiant heat systems, pro-press piping systems, and wireless boiler loop communication systems are all state-of-the-art, but follow the same concepts McVehil has been using for more than a century. This gives our customers the advantage of having problems fixed by a company who has been here since the invention and origination of these complex systems.

McVehil Plumbing is proud to still be a part of the community. We survived through the Great Depression. We have lived through wars and inflation.

As one of America’s 20 oldest plumbing companies, McVehil has laid a century-old foundation. We have the experience and work ethic that you can only find in one place. Through the 20th century up through the 21st century, McVehil continues to be on the cutting edge of modern technology, applying its old-school hard work, grit and honesty into every call, ensuring our future for another 100 years.