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Helpful Tips! Clogged Drains

Whether it be your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub, shower or toilet, prevention is the easiest way to not have to deal with this annoying problem. Don’t put anything down the drain that shouldn’t be put down the drain, like cooking grease, wax, paint, glue and chemicals. If put down the drain, cooking grease can harden and cause a clog. Instead of putting it down the drain, put it into another container and let it harden. Then you can scoop it in the garbage. Wax paint and glue also can harden and cause a clog. Chemicals can cause erosion of your pipes and can be a hazard to the environment.

Another way to prevent clogged drains is to use a drain screen. These work especially well in showers and baths at preventing hair and soap scum back up. Pop-up drain stoppers should be cleaned regularly.

If you do have a clog, Most can be cleared by using a plunger or cleaning out the sink trap. If you choose to use a chemical drain cleaner, follow the directions closely and don’t use it often because it can erode pipes. Running a few gallons of boiling water down the drain once a month can often work as well as a drain cleaner.

If these tips don’t work, one of our plumbers would be happy to diagnose the problem. And call us if the problem is too big for you to handle.


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