Plumbing Services

Basement/Laundry Room

A common basement problem is flooding. The causes are many, but some can be prevented with simple maintenance.

  • In the winter, your pipes could freeze, causing them to burst. Make sure your pipes are properly insulated to help avoid this problem.
  • Check your shut-off valves regularly and turn off valves for things such as outdoor pools and sprinklers when not in use.

A sump pump is supposed to help prevent flooding by pumping water out of the basement before it accumulates. If your sump pump isn’t running properly, it can’t do its job efficiently. The most common reason behind a sump pump running improperly is a dirty screen. Running vinegar through the pump can help, but a professional should clean the pump at least once a year.

Other issues behind a wet basement are clogged or ruptured washing machine hoses, a clogged laundry tub or toilet or a clogged sewer line.

Anytime you feel over your head with your basement or laundry room issues, call our experts. We will help you with all your plumbing repair and installation needs of the following:

  • Floor Drains
  • Outside Faucets
  • Sump Pumps
  • Laundry Tubs
  • Shut-Off Valves
  • Water Softeners

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